Sunday, August 29, 2010

Richie Valens Golden Archive Series Cassette

Cassettes tapes are still popular with many of those from the same age group that patronized the brief-but-brilliant career of early rocker Ritchie Valens. And you can be sure every cassette tape of this type includes the song "La Bamba".

The Best of Doris Day Cassette Tape

This scarce Doris Day compilation cassette tape has a very interesting, stylish, vintage design.

Linda Ronstadt Don't Cry Now

One of Linda Ronstadt's earliest solo releases, "Don't Cry Now" is very hard to find in the cassette tape format.

Linda Ronstadt A Retrospective 2 LP's On 1 Cassette

This extensive compilation of Linda Ronstadt's early works is hard to find in cassette and has never been issued on CD as far as I can tell.

Frank Sinatra Sinatra's Sinatra Reprise Cassette Tape

If I'm not mistaken, Sinatra's Sinatra was composed of newly recorded versions of songs that Sinatra had recorded earlier for Columbia and Capitol. Not one of his most popular albums, it is moderately difficult to find in the cassette tape format.

Frank Sinatra And Count Basie It Might As Well Be Swing Reprise Cassette Tape

This was the 2nd Reprise album where Sinatra worked with the legendary Jazz pianist and conductor Count Basie. As this release was most popular during the 8-track tape era, it is not terribly easy to find in the cassette format.

The Beatles Rock And Roll Music Volume 1 Cassette Tape

The Beatles have had a lot of popular compilations of their material released over the years. Rock And Roll Music Volume 1 focused on earlier material when the band was still releasing a lot of cover versions of other people's songs on their albums.

The Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Abkco Cassette Tape

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

THE KINKS The Kink Kronikles 2 LP's On 1 Cassette Tape

Kihnsolidation The Best of GREG KIHN Rhino Beserkley Cassette Tape

Greg Kihn's Kihnsolidation cassette (Rhino/Beserkley) is very hard to find since cassettes were no longer a popular format by the time it was released and Greg Kihn was no longer a popular musician by the time of its release. Many Rhino greatest hits collections of this nature are quite scarce.

PAUL SIMON Hearts And Bones Audio Cassette Tape

This 1983 Paul Simon cassette, the flop release sandwiched between his "One Trick Pony" and "Graceland" albums, is scarce in cassette largely because nobody bought this poorly-received album in any format. Originally intended to be a Simon & Garfunkel reunion album, this release has gradually gained more approval from critics and fans as the years have gone on and more people have actually given the album a chance.

Elton John Tumbleweed Connection & Madman Across the Water 2 on 1 Cassette

Two of Elton John's best early albums on one cassette - including the big radio hits "Tiny Dancer" and "Levon".

GRATEFUL DEAD American Beauty & Workingman's Dead 2 on 1 cassette

Most Deadheads seem to prefer live bootleg recordings over the Dead's studio records, but this rare 2 on 1 cassette does have 2 of their biggest hits with "Truckin'" and "Casey Jones".